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“Who Owns the 6?” Our Baseball Team in The Toronto Star


While redesigning the uniforms for my son’s baseball team, we coaches discovered that someone in Toronto – the 6ix – had registered a trademark on”six or any variation of six (6).” We couldn’t believe it!

How do you copyright a number? I reached out to the Toronto Star because the story was bigger than our team uniform – it was a story about Toronto and its newest nickname.

Edward Keenan did some excellent sleuthing, contacting copyright experts and a couple of corporate legal departments. I won’t spoil the story for you, but he found that the copyright does not belong to Drake.


I’ve been in baseball immersion since January, as I’m coaching rep for the first time. Forty hours of coaching courses, stacks of baseball books, and countless hours of internet research (and watching too many World Baseball Classic games) later, I can’t wait to get outside. Still posting baseball photos at @fieldsofdreams.toronto on Instagram.

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